OFR - In english

"a flute choir"
Consisting of 60 flutists students, amateurs and professionals, the OFR is composed of the entire family of flutes and piccolo in octobass welcomes percussion and bass.

Known or discovering , exploring different styles from classical to jazz, traditional music , through specific reorchestrations - without forgetting the contemporary composers who write for her music program .
The band has participated in educational meetings and numerous concerts and festivals, both in the Rhône regions in winning a huge success thanks to its unique sound !

  • Contacts with orchestrators, composers, are welcome!
  • we are looking for choir repertoire of flutes
  • We look for structures that invite us to play!

Created in 2004, the OFR provides these musicians work quality and usability, one Sunday a month
Music director , Arlette Deluche
Managed by the Tutti- Fluti association, Michele Weber is the president .